Desktop Companions & Assistants



  • Do any of the programs that you offer or endorse contain ADWARE or SPYWARE?

  • After my order was processed I had trouble receiving or completing my download, what now?

  • I have problems and/or get error messages when trying to download, what now?

  • I downloaded the character but the setup won't run?

  • Windows smart screen won't let me open and install the download, what can I do?

  • When I click on the character's .ACS file nothing happens, how do I get the character to work?

  • How do I locate and/or load my DesktopMates character?

  • I upgraded to Windows 7/8/10 and the character has a colored background, why?

  • What are the terms for using DesktopMates characters?

  • Are there any versions available to run on the MAC operating systems?

  • Why don't the character's lips move when speaking?

  • Having problems or need support for Ultra Hal?

  • I lost my Ultra Hal license or want to transfer it to another machine?

  • Having problems using CyberBuddy?

  • Can you make me a custom character?

If you're unable to find the answer to your question or problem in our FAQ you can submit a support request from our Customer Support Page.