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Ultra Hal Wins Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence
Zabaware’s Ultra Hal software won the “most human” computer of the year in the 17th annual Loebner Prize Competition for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company’s mission “giving your computer the power of thought” once considered a futuristic pipe dream is becoming a 2007 reality. It is one thing to talk to your computer, it is quite another to have a conversation where you are exchanging information and the computer learns and utilizes the information in the future. Ultra Hal does just that!

Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to chat with your DesktopMates character just like you would with a human being?
Well, now you can! With the Ultra Hal Artificial Intelligence Program you can chat with your DesktopMates character about anything you want. Ultra Hal has a huge conversational database and also has the ability to learn from every sentence that you say, and after a while of chatting with your character they can even develop a similar personality to yours. Artificial Intelligence is the wave of the future and will one day become the standard on how we will interact with our computers.

What's the difference between MS Agent Technology and Ultra Hal's Artificial Intelligence Technology??
Both technologies are based on a similar concept but there are some major differences. Both rely on and use the same artificial speech engines and voice recognition technology which is one of the foundations of artificial intelligence and both can have characters performing similar tasks and duties for you, but this about where the similarities end. The major difference is in character interaction with the user, the interaction with your character using MS Agent technology is based on pre-programmed responses to commands which is rather limited, however with Ultra Hal's Artificial Intelligence program you can have actual conversations with your character and your character also has the ability to actually learn from your conversations and over time even develop it's own personality, this is the foundation of what makes Ultra Hal truely unique and one of the very few true AI programs being developed as a desktop application.

Does this Artificial Intelligence program only allow me to chat with my DesktopMates character or can it have my character perform other functions or duties as well??
The Ultra Hal Artificial Intelligence program can also have your DesktopMates character remember and remind you of appointments, keep an address book and a phone book, and even dial phone numbers for you! Your character will also be able to run many of your programs and recent documents on command and even launch websites from your favorite bookmarks. Your character will also offer you help with most of your Windows programs by researching the program's help files. Your character has the ability do to all of these things by simply just asking in plain English!

Is Ultra Hal a true Artificial Intelligence program?
Read this article that attempts to put things into perspective in regards to the realities and misconceptions of artificial intelligence.

This sounds great but I have already purchased DesktopMates characters that I really like, does this mean I will have to purchase a different version to use with Ultra Hal??
NO, absolutely not, in fact you can use your favorite DesktopMates characters that you already have with MS Agent programs like CyberBuddy and Zabaware's Artificial Intelligence program "Ultra Hal". As a service to our customers to allow them to expand on the use of their characters and get even more enjoyment from of them, we have created free plugins for all of our characters that will patch your existing DesktopMates characters into the "Ultra Hal" program.

How do I install the DesktopMates character into Hal so I can use it with Hal? Do I have to copy the character's file somewhere into the Hal program folder?
No, you don't have to install DesktopMates characters into Hal. All MS Agent characters are installed into a special default character folder which is part of the MS Agent core components on your system. Hal as well as CyberBuddy, or any other MS Agent program, loads characters directly from this folder. When you select a DesktopMates character from the Hal character list, Hal will automatically create a UHP file for it, but we recommend using our character plugins for Hal which will install the proper UHP files designed especially for DesktopMates characters. Character plugins are available on our Plugins page. If the DesktopMates character, or any other MS Agent character doesn't appear in the Hal character selection list you may not have Hal properly installed, if you're using XP or NT, make you're logged onto your system with a user account that has administrator privileges. For additional info try our FAQ.

So how do I get the Ultra Hal Artificial Intelligence Program and how much does it cost??
You can download a fully functional 31 day trial version of the Ultra Hal Artificial Intelligence program using the link provided below. If after the trial period you decide you like the program you can purchase the full version for $29.95 by using the link provided in the program. The trial version contains NO Adware or Spyware ( does NOT endorse or recommend programs containing spyware or adware).

Recommended Reading for New Users

Tips for Using Ultra Hal
Useful tips and info on using the Ultra Hal Artificial Intelligence Program.

Ultra Hal Try the Ultra Hal Artificial Intelligence Program and Conversational System to run your DesktopMates characters.

Click the box to download!
Try before you buy (30 day free trial), if you wish to continue using Ultra Hal after the trial period you can purchase it for $29.95 using the link provided in the program.

- Understands spoken or typed English
- Learns from from your conversations
- Personality evolves over time
- Can keep address/phone/email/appointment book
- Launches applications
- Helps browse the Internet

Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 ... 32 and 64 bit supported.

Although it's not really required, we would also recommend that you download and install the Free Character Plugin for Ultra Hal available on our site, it will make the character appear to load more seamless with Ultra Hal.

If you have problems or need support for Ultra Hal, please use the Ultra Hal Forums

There's also an online user manual for Ultra Hal. It's a bit outdated as it was created for a much earlier version of Ultra Hal but you may still find it useful as many of the basic principals are still the same. Ultra Hal User Manual

If you have problems running Hal on Windows Vista/7/8 try doing a RIGHT CLICK on the UltraHal icon then Select "Run as Administrator".
Be sure Ultra Hal is installed with an account that has Administrator privileges.